🇹🇼🇺🇸 Taiwanese born American mix!
🇹🇼🇺🇸 Completely native in both English and in Chinese
🎓Been teaching English for the past seven years
🎓Graduated with a major in Finance from Pennsylvania University with honors. Was inducted as a member of the FMA society

I am a completely native speaker in English and in Chinese! I owe a huge part of that to my parents, since my dad is American and has spoken English to me growing up, and my mom has always spoken to me in Chinese. So I have been living my whole life in a multilingual household. I also grew up in America, but also spent a significant part of my life in Taiwan. This ideal arrangement has really been an integral part of my linguistic ability and has given me a considerable advantage as an English teacher living in Taiwan, since I understand the intricacies and nuances between the two languages. This understanding allows me to translate words and sentences without making what I say awkward or “unnatural.” I’m also able to quickly swap between the two languages, so I can affirmatively say that growing up to teach English and helping students bridge the gap between English and Chinese has always been my true calling.

➤ Learn through Netflix
➤ Learn to play chess online
➤ Learn to play Texas Holdem’
➤ Learn English through memes!!!
➤ Learn the English equivalents of commonly used terms in Chinese such as 嫌棄,發洩,肉麻,公德心,委屈,為難,辛苦了, and much more with me!

My classes will be worth every penny and every second of your time if you:
🌟Are not conversational and would like to be able to verbalize your thoughts and speak at length in English no matter what setting you are in.
🌟Would like to start your learning from the basics (even if you are an adult learner)
🌟Are already advanced and would like to take your English to the next level
🌟Would like to eliminate your Taiwanese-English accent and speak in a more native and natural American accent
🌟Would like to understand the nuances between very similar english phrasal verbs, such as “break up” vs “break out,” “call out” vs “call off,” etc.
🌟Would like to speak colloquial English, commercial (business) English
🌟Would like to sound sophisticated and educated when you speak.
🌟Would like to learn more about western culture, music, movies, art, destinations of travel, etc.
🌟Would like to hone your writing skills
🌟Would like to boost your GEPT, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, or SAT score
🌟Would like expand vocabulary quickly using an etymological approach (studying the Latin and Germanic roots of words)
🌟Would like to learn how to teach English
🌟Would like to learn different subjects, such as finance, economics, astronomy, anatomy, anthropology, history, geography, THROUGH English
🌟Would like to practice English speaking with a native speaker

🔥🔥Has guided multiple students to gain admission into top universities, such as University of Cambridge 🔥🔥
➤➤ My classes are appropriate for ALL ages and levels!
➤➤ Will help you quickly and effectively enhance your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
➤➤ Will help you acquire top scores on standardized tests such as the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and GMAT
➤➤ Learn the English equivalents of commonly used terms in Chinese such as 嫌棄,發洩,肉麻,公德心,委屈,為難,辛苦了, and more!

托福 (TOEFL iBT) 講練實戰概念強化班





寫作教材將採用ETS官方所公佈教材: Magoosh 和 Notefull來作改編,課程將訓練學生如何構思紮實的寫作結構及精確的字彙。課堂間及課後都會提供寫作試題讓學生練習。課後練習是以電子郵件的方式來遞交,以便指導老師能迅速更新學生學習狀況。寫作課程結束時,學生將會獲得有效益並能拿到高分的寫作技巧。






The instructor will provide students with interesting, albeit challenging passages that will be read aloud, critically analyzed, and discussed in class. Since general knowledge is essential for scoring high on the TOEFL, a wide range of reading topics will be covered, including, but not limited to the fields of psychology, philosophy, science, technology, environmental protection, current global events, history, anthropology, political affairs, etc. All reading material will be adapted from official ETS practice tests and official textbook guides.


For many English language learners, the speaking section of the test is the hardest part in that speaking requires coherency, improvisation, and logical thought forming skills while being pressured under a time limit. We will enable students to speak effectively and articulately by incorporating thought-provoking, open-ended questions, meant to hone conversational skills that stimulate open discussion; a skill that is needed for the recorded speaking section of the test. Open discussion will comprise the bulk of the speaking session, which will serve to incite meaningful and substantive dialogue that will be contingent upon the instructor to lead. In addition, common expressions, phrases, and idioms that are interesting, colloquial, and conversationally practical will also be covered.


Writing material and resources will be adapted from ETS, Magoosh, and Notefull. Students will be practicing in-class writing along with take-home writing assignments. Take-home assignments will be electronically submitted to the instructor, which will be evaluated with instant feedback being provided to students. Students will be trained to effectively brainstorm, take meaningful notes, design a cohesive writing structure, and succinctly organize words into meaningful sentences. By the end of the program, students will be expected to demonstrate effective college-level writing skills to score high on the writing section of the test.


Although the listening section of the test is easier for most students, it is not to be overlooked. For this section, effective notetaking strategies can lead to a perfect score, so students will be trained to tactically write down and organize what they hear into a format that can be used to quickly identify correct answers. 


A plethora of frequently tested TOEFL vocabulary words will be taught in each lesson and instilled into students’ long-term memory. Students will be introduced to a highly effective etymological strategy of learning new words, in which they dissect words into prefixes, suffixes, and roots, learn their underlying meaning, then expand on other words that contain the same or similar roots. Collocation context strategies, syllable segmentation strategies, and mnemonics will also be implemented into the curriculum. This comprehensive approach of learning new vocabulary enables students to not only easily remember words that they have learned, but to help them intuitively recognize the meaning of words they have never been exposed to. Words are the tools of thought and an extensive bank of vocabulary is imperative to accurately interpret passages on the TOEFL iBT, enabling students to zero in on the correct answer choices.


Tackle the TOEFL iBT® with confidence in our TOEFL prep course.

The TOEFL exam is a challenging and demanding test, and can be especially daunting for English as second language learners. Our goal is to support and lead you along the way to earning your dream TOEFL score. By studying with us, we can ensure that you will become confident in earning top scores on these tough questions.

We have simplified the process, giving you the resources you need to master the test. We start by familiarizing students on the format and pattern of the TOEFL. We then train students on the best methods to prepare, explain how to deliver answers that ETS awards top scores to, provide tips on the best question answering strategies, tricks, methodologies, and note-taking approaches, and explain what to be aware of during the exam, such as how intonation during the speaking section affects your score. Students will also take official ETS practice tests and have them evaluated. At the end of the program, students will gain effective writing skills, an extensive bank of vocabulary, and requisite analytical skills needed to interpret academic texts, which are necessary to master all four sections of the test, which include reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections that amount to a total of 120 points.


TOEIC 考試衡量考生是否具備適當的英文能力可在瞬息萬變的國際環境中求學與工作 這課程的設計不只是為了通過考試,而是讓您的英文能力符合國際化。課程重心在於 如何正確的運用英文能力,讓英文成為利盾,使您所向披靡。因此,有別於坊間大部分的課程,學生不會只是寫作業或按照某些參考書做單方面的互動。我們精心編輯的客製化講義,廣泛的權威教材,與科學方法,將全面化提升學生英文能力。我們期待來上課的學生擁有高度的自我要求與紀律。因考慮到,你們平常課業繁忙,所以我們作業不在多在於專精。如果你在家用心準備,上課就會借力使力不費力。 






使用AWL表作為單字學習的基礎 AWL是由語言學家Averil Coxhead在研讀碩士時所編輯的高頻率字彙。使用科學的辦法找出570單字詞構 (stem form) ,並被廣泛使用於學術英文上。我們將從這些單字出發,從英英解釋,知名權威報章新聞例句 (BBC, CNN, NYT, TIMES etc.,) 到考題解析,讓你利用篇章結構建立理解能力而不限於背單字。



Books: 1.  Tactics for TOEIC by Oxford University Press  2. Advanced English Grammar by Cambridge 
Online: 1. Breaking News English  2. Forbes  3. Business Insider  4. The New York Time 5. BBC 6 Minute 6. CNN 10 

TOEIC Intensive Program

According to ETS, the TOEIC is an English language benchmark test to measure the English competency of people working in an international environment. Therefore, it is not only our goal to prepare you for the test; we strive to prepare students to professionally and competently function in a diverse English speaking workplace. Additionally, we not only teach students what to learn, but HOW to learn. This is imperative because students are spending most of their study time outside of class, so learning to work independently is key to long term success. Following the completion of the program, students will gain the confidence to obtain a high TOEIC score along with the ability to skillfully interact with other English speakers. You have to be well-prepared because we only accept students with high discipline. The aim of the program not only assists you with TOEIC but also paves the way for numerous opportunities. We can assure you that it will be challenging ahead, but we can also guarantee you that you will appreciate the end result.   


Shadowing is traditionally used to train interpreters. We will apply this learning technique in the listening part of the program since it has also proven highly effective for students learning English as a second language.


Apply concepts and information within the context of practical examples rather than simply memorizing information that is meaningless by itself.  


The AWL was compiled by  Averil Coxhead with scientific methods that have been empirically proven effective and contains 570 stem words that are crucial to master the highest frequency academic words. Through the program, we will examine each stem word to quickly expand vocabulary. 


We serve as a lighthouse and it is your call to swim to the shore. You are required to take notes in class and you must finish the weekly assignments. Remember, it is our job to direct you in the right direction and give you all the necessary resources for you to succeed but we cannot “learn” English for you.

Books: 1.  Tactics for TOEIC by Oxford University Press  2. Advanced English Grammar by Cambridge 
Online: 1. Breaking News English  2. Forbes  3. Business Insider  4. The New York Time 5. BBC 6 Minute 6. CNN 10