Phonetics Training Course 自然發音班





Phonetics (pronunciation) Training Course


We have been teaching under our proprietary curriculum since the inception of our business given that we strongly believe our method of teaching to be the most advanced, yet the most effective method for a child to articulate well in spoken English. We have strategically incorporated elements of phonics and the KK phonetic system into our curriculum over the years, culminating into an entire teaching blueprint that will allow a child with absolutely no background in spoken English to gain proficiency in correct American-English pronunciation in just three months. Our confidence in our teaching strategy is based on the overarching results of hundreds of previous students who have studied under our guidance. Students follow along with and always keep in handy our self-written book of words, in which roots, prefixes and suffixes have been structured in the optimal learning sequence for maximum efficiency while still being able to keep up with the rapid progression of difficulty. If your expectations are not met by three months, we will spend extra individual time with your child until he or she is up to par with the other students, and if you are still dissatisfied, we will provide a full month refund.