High School English (CA) 高中英文



課程旨在高階英語養成,讓學生能游刃有餘的應付學校考試,並使其更快通過各項英文檢定測試。課程設計多元活潑,包含國際新聞選讀,克漏字英聽,字彙加強,並於學生高一時就加強作文訓練。我們自編教材,組織與歸納英文單字的字首、字根與字尾,學生隨身攜帶小巧單字本,即時查閱單字與擴充字彙量。我們可以驕傲地說我們學生的英文程度令人刮目相看。 以105~106年為例,本補習班高中學生前往參加 TOEIC考試的學生都幾乎全部獲得金色證書的殊榮,學測時學生成績15級分者高達80%。而大多學生在本班更是學習超過10年以上的學生。


High School English (Chinese Assisted)


This English class' primary function is to impart new knowledge to students by providing academic instruction in the both Mandarin and English. This dual integration of languages is helpful for students when they come across something they are unfamiliar with and need a quick definition or explanation for in their more familiar language. The result is an accelerated and streamlined learning process, allowing students to spend more time acquiring new knowledge instead of spending unneeded time and effort occupying themselves with otherwise easy to understand information. Without doubt, the instructor will be versed in both languages giving him or her the ability to make decisions that serve to enhance the students' learning experience while ensuring that students achieve their goals in a timely manner.