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We offer exceptional instructing services for elementary, junior high, and high school level students along with college standardized testing preparatory courses. Our high academic standards and selective employment process ensure that your child will receive a most desirable education. Each of our certified instructors have at least ten plus years of educating experience and are the most qualified in their field of expertise.

Small classes – Our small, non-institutionalized classes ensure that each student will receive the individual attention and interaction they need to reach their full potential and optimize their learning experience.   

Weekly study sessions – All students are required to attend weekly assessment-based study sessions which are supervised by an assistant instructor who oversees students’ academic progress and provides individual based guidance.

Flexible payment options – We allow flexible installment based payment plans for families who are struggling to make ends meet. If you are going through a rough patch, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We have also been there and we understand. Our ‘leave no child behind’ policy mandates that we extend needed help so that your children are granted the education they deserve.

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優秀師資 - 本班各科老師教學經驗歷都在十年以上.豐富的教學經驗搭配生動的內容,滿足每一位家長的期待,及學生的需求.

小班教學 - 精緻小班,教學環境單純,師生上課互動多,隨時顧及學生學習狀況,擁有最好的學習效率.

週考制度 - 從國小,國中到高中,每週課程後學生額外到班複習測驗,由輔導老師盯班,解題輔導並且檢視學生學習後的吸收狀況.

收費彈性 - 收費兩個月一期,我們體恤家長及學生的堅持.家長及學生可以視需求調整報名科目,短期收費減輕家長負擔.