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Our kids truly are our pride and joy!


School Year

School Year

School Year

Itís not often that we get the camera out, but when we do we try to capture the spirit of our teaching, the teachers, and the students. Unfortunately, there are many gaps. Many of our classes through the years are not represented here. We hope, however, that you will enjoy the memories that have been captured. Being a family business, Mr. Todd doubles as the primary photographer; therefore, you donít see many shots of him in action. Again, we hope you enjoy the photos that we do have.

Mr. Todd began teaching in his home in the Fall of 2003 shortly after the family moved to Taiwan.

The few photos here are from a game session organized by Ms. Bethany in our first classroom.

We began summer classes in new, expanded facilities. Besides regular classes, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.

Most photos are from an outdoor game activity in Cheng Gong Community organized by Ms. Bethany.

Here we have various photos in our first classroom. Can you see the decoration improvements?

In the Spring we focused more on the basics. There was more focus on consistency and improving the quality of our classes.