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伯大尼文理補習班創立於2003年,初始的教育理念為學子量身打造菁英英語教學課程,增進個人全球競爭能力。 在累積多年的教學經驗與專業老師及家長們的支持與努力之下,我們成為了大安區首屈一指,能夠為學生提供廣泛主題及完整教育課程的補習班。我們為所教導出來的學生感到成功與驕傲,許多學生也進入了他們心目中理想的第一志願。我們不僅為國小到高中階段的學生提供廣泛的英語課程,同時我們還因應台灣12年國教及108課綱,提供與學校課程相關的學術指導。無論是在英語環境、學校表現或是大學的入學考試等,我們皆致力於幫助學生培養在生活中能夠成功的能力及知識。為了提高學生的學習能力,我們根據每一位學生的程度,嚴謹的規劃每一堂課程。 透過我們的小班教學,我們可以與學生有密切的互動與合作,並訓練每一位學生對思考的靈活度及對事情的注意力。


~ 別人看到的是你的孩子的成績,我們看到的是他們的未來~

BLC, founded in 2003, started out as a modest classroom focused on supplementary English education. Through years of unrelenting commitment to excellence along with support from devoted faculty members and parents, we have garnered a reputation in the Daan district area for providing students with the best academic instruction on a wide array of subjects. We take pride in our ever-excelling students, many of whom have been admitted into the high schools and colleges of their first choice. We not only provide a comprehensive English curriculum for grade school students, but we also provide robust academic guidance on subjects that are closely aligned with the general education requirements mandated by the 12-year compulsory education system in Taiwan. Given our small sized classes, we can work closely with each individual student and provide for them the flexibility and attention they need to excel. And with our value driven philosophy, we never hesitate to hire the best, most qualified instructors to guide our students along their paths to success. We envision the success of all our students and do not intend to leave anyone behind. If you would like to know more, take a look at the ‘Classes’ section below, or just contact us. It is our pleasure to serve you and to address any concerns you may have.

~Others may only see your child’s grades, but we see your child’s future~